Stayonstickers provides delivery with Post Danmark (unless otherwise indicated) to the receiver. Timely delivery requires however that Post Danmark meets their day-to-day delivery. If any delays should occur at Post Danmark will this delay the delivery according to the desired delivery date. Post Danmarks goal about delivery is minimum 97% for letter packages and minimum 99% for parcel. Note that these percentages are average and can cover big local and limited variations. Stayonstickers cannot be held responsible for delays at Post Danmark. In cases of very delayed (several days) or decidedly defaulting deliveries, Stayonstickers will obviously send a new delivery free of charge. REMEMBER always to control the received packages errors or damages because Post Danmark is responsible for damages and must be made aware right away.

Delivery to Bornholm and some islets are not covered by Post Danmarks target of day-to-day delivery as shipments to these areas in some cases can last 2 days. Our base point is always day-to-day delivery.

Shipment to Faroe Islands, Greenland and abroad is possible however, the above guidelines don’t apply to these shipments. You will receive a separate mail with possible extra delivery cost and time

Note that special order can take several days and will not be sent the same day as ordered.