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SOS Racing Parts

SOS Racing Parts is part of the MSSP group whose primary activity is machine industrial subcontracting work for major international companies such as Siemens and Danfoss. MSSP was founded in 1989 and currently has 120 employees and production facilities in three countries.
SOS began as Stayonstickers in 2008, the main product was specially designed stickers for Motocross, Quad and Go-Kart, the possibility to be able to design its stickers attracted customers and Stayonstickers quickly became the preferred brand in Denmark. Beside this SOS also produces banners, car advertisements and display systems for customers' own designs and wishes.
But as part of a machine industrial company, it was natural to look at new initiatives in that direction, and because its owners have a background in motocross, it was obvious to produce wheels of a higher quality than the factory-installed, this, together with the possibility of being able to choose colors on the hub, rim, spokes and nipples gave a unique product and the first SOS wheel was created in 2011.